Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Best Learning

I am blogging this because I think this is the one that I did my very best on and it was fun and I enjoined it and we had  a lot of fun thing's to do and  a lot of thinking about what I think is my very best one. My Best Learning

This is my camp letter.
Angela Sullivan

Dear Angela S

Thank you for spending time of work and spending time with us instead we liked having a little bit of help from some wonderful parents like you and the other

When we went on the bridge it was a bit wobbly. To me it was scary and I wanted to be last because you were behind me and my group was way ahead of me so I had to stick with you and your group for a little bit.

When we went to sleep it was noisy and loud the first night and quiet the next night.

Thank you  for coming. Hope you can come again next time.

Yours sincerely Anika

I am proud of this because I did my PERSONAL BEST on it.
My biggest challenge was the river walk part.