Friday, 12 August 2016

Me and Reese

Me and Reese.

Hi and welcome back to my blog for 2016.
Today I will share with you what I did with Reese on the first week of the holidays. When Reese got to my house we got ready to go to Clive pools. The reason we went to Clive pools was because it was a boiling hot day and we needed to get  some fresh air. AAfter we had a swim, we went to the counter and got to choose any ice block  we wanted. I choose an icy twist and Reese got a chocolate Ice block. 
Next we went home and watched a movie we watched Zootopia, it's the coolest movie you can ever see in you life time. 
Then we had dinner in the lounge. We had nachos and wraps while we watched the movie Zoopia.