Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My holiday day with dad


Hi I am back from the 2 week Holiday and I would like to share my favorite part of the holiday so I hope you like it to.

First of I would like to write about the cinema in Napier. We went to watch Kung fu panda 3 and we snuck in lollies and we brought a big pot of popcorn and a big lemonade and we had to share it all.

Suddenly the movie started and we all sat back and relaxed on the nice smooth couch. WOW it looks so cool. I wondered what the rest of the movie was going to be like. It was SO COOL.

Once the movie was finished we went to the wharf to go fishing and we had lunch there and we had to wait for our friends because they were coming fishing with us and as soon as they came we started to fish.

Once we got home we watched a movie and had an ice cream or ice block while we watched open season 1,2,3.

I loved my holiday.


  1. Great blogpost. It sounds like you had a fun holiday!

  2. Wow amazing blog post Anika I think that you put alot of detail into it

  3. Wow Anika that sounds like it was a lot of fun

  4. Wow Anika
    Sounds like you had an amazing Holiday and had so much fun. You even watch 2 movies.
    Liske H

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I wish I could come.

  6. wow amazing blog post Anika