Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Candy land with Reese

Candy land with Reese and Alize 

As I open  my eyes  I saw a big black hole in my Room so I jumped in  and then I saw lollies every where.  Suddenly someone  said hi to me it was Reese chewing on lollies and putting them in her pockets. So I went over and said what are you doing Reese but she just sanded there staring at me with lollies everywhere on her. 

Happy birthday Anika, Alize and Reese. 


  1. wow amazing work anika

  2. wow lots of detail very creative and very funny

  3. wow Anika amazing work it is amazing that you did it about Me and Alize and what I wanted to say was you did stupendous and also amazing keep up the amazing and good work from your BFF's Reese and Alize.