Friday, 8 July 2016

My Favorite learning task

Hi and welcome back to Anika's 10th blog post.
Today I will share with you my quick  write. 
Yay we are off to see my aunty Alice in London because we will not see her until next year. I really miss her.
She also has a new boyfriend but I do not know his name and last year she sent us a parcel and we all liked it but dad liked it the most out of all of us so he got it.

Here is one of the pics.

This is the whole of London.
I know it looks cool but I wish that I could go and see the queen in her castle in real life. It has been my DREAM to go and see her.
I have seen the princess and she is pretty and she has two kids one boy and one girl.

By Anika Jerram


  1. That is a really good quick write and i liked the pitcher of London

  2. Wow that looks fun I wish to go there
    Well done good Job you have Dane amazing