Wednesday, 2 August 2017

thank you letter hasting boys high school

 Dear Hastings Boys High School
Thank you for coming in to perform to us we appreciate your time and effort you put in all those amazing songs.

Your voices are amazing and you all are an outstanding group of boys with lot’s of talent. Who knew that boys could sing in such harmony and rhythm. We really think you are a star to our school and we loved all your effort and enjoyment.

I really think you must of worked hard in all the cool dances and I like that you changed some of the moves to your own. All the boys showed that they loved what they did.

I could see a lot of smiles around the hall and some times I could hear some laughs all over the hall. So thank you for all you work and coming to see us we really appreciate it. And we would love to see more of this amazing work

From Anika Jerram  (Parkvale School)
this is me

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  1. "Hi Anika"
    Well done for that amazing post I enjoyed reading it and looking at it, you showed how much you liked it and you presented it in a wonderfull way, Kai Pai.